Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sense and Sensibility!

"We have to take care of the sensibilities of the people"
- Kapil Sibal.

Yesterday, yet again, Congress plunged itself into further darkness!
Attempting to censor, no I'm sorry! Attempting to screen content on the
Internet! And through out the press conference he didn't mention even a
single incident where people of this country have reacted violently because
of inflammatory content on the internet!
Oh and can someone please define inflammatory content?! A remark or article
can be inflammatory for some but not for others! For instance, an article
derogating Sourav Ganguly (of whom I'm a big fan!) might not go down well
with me, however for others it can be regarded as a piece of criticism!

When Mr. Sibal says he has to take care of the sensibilities of the people,
I'd like to ask him just one question.  The same people you're so concerned
about are also asking for a Lokpal bill for the past 42 years! What about

The timing of the screening of content also raises question. With Anna Hazare calling people for an open debate in Delhi on the 11th of December and a new series of fasts coming on if the Government doesn't issue a strong Lokpal in the winter session, the social media might once again erupt in support of India Against Corruption! Though Kapil Sibal refuses to accept this reasoning, one cannot deny such a possibility!

Three cheers to Mr. Sibal's sensibilities!
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