Sunday, 21 August 2011

Thrown back in the past!

There are times when I feel life was so much simpler and sweeter 50 years ago...

I had one of those moments a few days ago.A general chit-chat among friends got steered towards the topic of crushes. Excitement and giggles reigned for the next half hour! However what struck me was, even a smile or two towards a girl or  small talk  between a boy and girl gets pronounced as crush by many! And it's nearly compulsory for every girl to have a crush on someone. How beautiful were those times when a girl used to blush demurely on seeing the guy who liked her!
Today if a girl turns you down whatever may be the reason, many guys don't tend to accept it gracefully. What else can explain the rising killings by ex-flames and stalkers? What happened to giving your all for the girl you love? So what if she doesn't love you back? She has the right to say no!...

Have you had any such moments?... Ever missed the innocence of the yesteryears?

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